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Welcome to Taste of The Baja

Welcome to CSB (Con Sabor de La Baja – A Taste of the Baja). This Canadian owned Mexican corporation realized that many of the flavors found here in the Baja could be used to turn an ordinary meal, Mexican or North American, into a gourmet dinning experience.

Our exotic liquor-based jams, jellies, chutneys, salsas, hots and flavored honeys are a fusion between two very different cultures. We took the best of both cultures and combined them to create whole new taste sensations.

The ingredients for our products are 100% Mexican and 100% natural. We use a completely non-mechanized kitchen. Our products are totally hand made in small batches to ensure you the finest possible quality gourmet meal enhancer. Enjoy our gift to you – Gourmet Therapy in a Jar!