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Chocolate Cake

Serves 8 Preparation time: 30 minutes.


  • Store bought chocolate bunt cake 17 cm in diameter
  • ½ quart of whipping cream whipped stiff with sugar and vanilla
  • Strong thread to slice cake in two equal pieces


  • To cut the cake in half horizontally, surround the cake with the strand of thread checking to ensure that it is straight.  Gently move it gently from side to side, in a seesaw motion, to help the cutting process.


  • Spread the lower half of the bunt cake with whipped cream.  Cover with the top half.


  • “ Ice” the entire cake (top and sides) with the jam.  Decorate with additional whipped cream, fresh strawberries and raspberries and fancy chocolate dipped cookie rolls.


  • Serve and enjoy!

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