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Our jam experience in Baja California Sur began when the Founder of Mujeres Ayudando a Mujeres, A.C.  (MAM) had the desire to help disadvantaged women on their road to independence.


In 2010, in Canada, there were 735 shelters for victims of domestic violence. Most of these are operated by the YWCA.  In May 2010, in BCS, Mexico two secret Shelters were opened and in December 2010 the same two Shelters were closed due lack of funding beyond the 6-month period.  They have never reopened.


In December 2010, the founder of MAM  decided to intervene.  A look at the “before”  picture will clearly show why she made this decision and why she took it to the next level.



The “during” and “after” pictures show that it was all worthwhile project.  All of this in less than two months.  A feat that is short of a miracle in Mexico




MAM’s  work at the local shelter level is finished.  MAM’s intervention in the community in La Paz, BCS and beyond to other parts of the peninsula will continue.  A portion of the profits from the sale of our products will go MAM  for use in two ways.


  • Programs and information sessions will be created and delivered at Women Centres throughout the Baja Peninsula;


  • A university scholarship program will be created for those academically deserving young women who want to study in fields/disciplines that are dominated by men in order that they can achieve financial independence at the same rate as their male counterparts.

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